Spellcast transports players into a magical and spellbinding world

The Spellcast video slot is played with a minimum of one coin and one win line, and a maximum of 20 win lines and 4 coins per win line

5 34


Cléa Roux
Cléa Roux 03/17/2019
Online game with various special game features. All you need to do here to enjoy your game and make your bet. Yet another new and exciting game.
Iben Goa
Iben Goa 03/10/2019
I play every day. A hit in the online game casinos. Get ready for the big prize with Spellcast video slots game.
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 02/17/2019
It includes plenty of bonus opportunities. One of the ways to make a fortune. You can play Spellcast casino game and try to change the history.
Michelle Foster
Michelle Foster 12/16/2018
I am fascinated by Spellcast. It is a slots game that’s colourful and crazy. Really cool!
Cloé Peixoto
Cloé Peixoto 12/02/2018
Great for everyone who wants something different. This slot game is fun, fast paced and with lovely soundtracks. I recommend this game.