With 37 possible winning combinations you can win in Moonshine

Oooooh yessss! It time to take on your britched trousers and taste some old fashioned Moonshine-whiskey in this Moonshine slots game!

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Mary Gordon
Mary Gordon 03/17/2019
I play every day. I am fascinated by Moonshine. There is the possibility after each winning spin.
Vladimir Hedrich
Vladimir Hedrich 03/10/2019
Moonshine casino slot game and win huge amounts. This casino is very cool - I play here and my friends do too. You can really win!
Anne Vincent
Anne Vincent 02/17/2019
It is a slots game that’s colourful and crazy. Highly recommended. Fun game where you can collect nice winnings.
Gwendolyn West
Gwendolyn West 12/16/2018
Moonshine video slot is a very funny video slot. It is an entertaining fantasy-themed slot. Play in exciting casino slots game for real money.
Constâncio Alves
Constâncio Alves 12/02/2018
This game is attractive to slots players. This slot game brings me a lot of joy. Yet another new and exciting game.